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  • Our Why - Why we do, what we do

    January 2016

    The idea to help agents through a site was born.

    Too many agents enter the industry in hopes of making a career by helping clients protect what they care about most: family.


    Unfortunately, agents will join a company, but are given ZERO training on how to approach clients, uncover needs, present life insurance, and develop a relationship. We have seen far too many agents fail because they were never given a chance to succeed.


    Our goal is to put an end to that and help agents succeed by providing a simplified system on how to approach the industry.

  • How We Do It - The method to complete our why

    June 2017

    YouTube channel launched. Videos skyrocket and currently has over 1.2 million views.

    We provide all agents that become members of trisTOM a one-stop shop for all of their life insurance needs. We have looked at the tools used in other industries and have adopted them to customize them to fit the life insurance agent. All the techniques and methods used come from Middle Dollar Round Table Agents and others alike who are atop the life insurance industry. You'll only find the best processes used with trisTOM.

  • What We Offer - Membership to reach our why

    January 2018

    Additions to CRM and task manager for trisTOM launched. Integration with Google calendar added.

    Offering three different types of membership plans, we cater to all life insurance agents. Whether you are starting off as a brand new agent, been in the business for 20 years, you're an agent working with a captive brokerage, you're a stand-alone independent agent, or even if you're unsure of what you are - WE GOT YOU COVERED. Check out all of our plans here -> trisTOM Memberships

  • The Future - Where do you we go from here?

    January 2020

    After 12 months of redesign work and extensive upgrades, trisTOM relaunches to help even more agents.

    We believe agents can be successful if given the right tools and processes. Our job is to help you get better and we will never lose sight of that objective. We will continue to listen to our members on ways to improve the system and add additional content to make your experience that much better. Every idea is examined and measured against our WHY. If it helps the agent and aligns with the quality of our brand, we will make it happen. Confusion can be overcome.

Marina del Rey, CA

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