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Why Join trisTOM?
All agents face challenges. The ones that are able to overcome them survive and thrive! Let trisTOM show you how.

Below you'll find challenges that agents we work with have face BEFORE working with trisTOM. Have you face any of the challenges below? If so, see how we overcome them together!

Current Challenge
‘I need help closing bigger cases.’
trisTOM’s Solution:
Talk LIVE with a Life Insurance Consultant to find the opportunity

Our team of experienced agents will help ensure that you find each opportunity with your clientele. We will provide different approaches to help increase your production until we find one that works for you. Whether we work on your pivot from other lines of business, our ‘Client Discovery’ form, or something completely different, we will help you get the bigger cases you desire.

Current Challenge
‘I am not as organized with keeping track of my clients as I should."
trisTOM’s Solution:
Take control of your agency with your own personalized client command center. Never lose track of clients.

Agents usually have a hard time finding a way to keep track of their clients. We help put an end to that with trisTOM’s ‘Client Command Center’. Designed specifically for the life insurance agent, input current/prospective clients into the CRM and add notes, files, illustrations, and more. Get organized today.

Current Challenge
‘I need a sales process that I can follow to close more cases.’
trisTOM’s Solution:
trisTOM’s Sales Process Tracker provides a step by step path from the first client conversation to getting paid on the policy!

The most unique, yet powerful, tool that we have at trisTOM. Follow a process that has been used by successful life insurance agents throughout the United States. The sales process is a breeze as you keep track of each client and where you are currently in the sales process. From start to finish we guide you to a successful case!

Current Challenge
‘I need to learn more about life insurance as an agent.’
trisTOM’s Solution:
Learn from the experts through updated life insurance sales training videos.

Members receive new training videos each month. The videos break down life insurance’s most technical topics into an easily digestible concept. The videos are not theoretical and provide real tangible techniques you can use with your clients.

Current Challenge
‘I need a brokerage that I can trust, pays me a fair rate, and provides a path to learn how to become an agent.'
trisTOM’s Solution:
Become an independent life insurance agent contracted through trisTOM

We are a full-service suite providing our members with effective ways to improve their success and well being. One of those areas is contracts. Members DO NOT have to become contracted with trisTOM but have the ability to do so. Agents stay independent, no quota to hit, and are given commission payouts at the highest levels. If interested, ask us for more details.

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